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Officina Tecnologica

Your department of Artificial Intelligence

Officina tecnologica acts as your Artificial Intelligence department: not just a supplier but a strategic partner.

The approch used for the development of our artificial intelligence products involves LEGAL co-design that takes these implications into account, from data processing compliance to the protection of the intellectual property of the information passing through our servers.

Therefore, is an interoperable software, compliant with privacy and security regulations, available on cloud and on-premise.

We use multiple artificial intelligence models, including generative ones, and a proprietary ‘NLPV’ model with a comprehension rate of over 95 per cent.

We like to call AISAAC Conversational AI a ‘tailor’s workshop’ product: we offer you the best fabrics and the best tailors to sew you a tailor-made ‘digital’ suit.

Our offer includes an ad-hoc developed product and the consulting and operational intervention of our departments to support your needs: if they go beyond the typical skills of a Digital Assistant, we are ready to start immediately with interoperability with your software or with external solutions, and this is where the great strength of Officina Tecnologica and its flagship product is seen.

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