Natural Language Processing Valential

Natural Language Processing Valential

What is it all about?

After about 5 years of study, research, testing and deployment, we succeeded in validating a new language model for training digital assistants based on NLP (Natural Language Processing).

What does it do?

NLPV is the language model that utilises the ‘Transformer’ concept used in GPT models, and allows digital assistants created with NLP to be able to understand even the most complex sentences (the ones that usually challenge the current chatbots we see on corporate websites).

The use of a transformer allows the NLP-based model to understand that it must intervene in the comprehension of a conversation and not the analysis of an article:

this improves the comprehension capabilities of a digital chat assistant and solves the limited comprehension problem of current chatbots.

Who is it aimed at?

To all companies (especially corporate ones) that use a very vertical communication and need to have full control over the responses that are given by the AI (and therefore a verification/confirmation from the marketing department for any kind of response generated by the AI).

Where can it be found?

AISAAC Conversational AI is the first software that uses Natural Language Processing Valential to create chatbots, voice assistants and digital humans. AISAAC has already created several digital assistants using this language model, including the one on this site.

Why is it better?

To understand the enormous potential of this language model, we created a comparison test between AISAAC Conversational AI and Google Dialogflow:

Same knowledge base and questions but very different results.

In this video, you can see how the NLPV language model can significantly improve NLP-based AI understanding.