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Aisaac Framework

Customize management software

Years of work and study have led to the creation of Aisaac Framework, our proprietary software development framework.

Fast, secure, versatile and streamlined are the most distinguishing features that make it a winning product.

It is accompanied by the desire for total control of every operational aspect which allows us to quickly scale any need that arises.

Thanks to Aisaac Framework we are able to tailor solutions for any need or digital ecosystem.

This is how Aisaac Framework works

Case studies

It stems from the need to centralise in a single solution (instead of 3), expand functionality and better organize notifications in the management of campaigns, work orders and orders that connect Italian production companies with foreign trading companies.

Phoenix CRM

The request is for an application, with customized features, to manage contract activities on energy and telephone supply as well as the subsequent development phases.
The heart of the solution is the wide versatility in defining products and services, association to the call sign and status progress, making a web software easily scalable without other interventions.

Our experience and passion for programming, first in Desktop and for over a decade in Web, has been with us since the early 1990s.

Fussy and demanding with ourselves first, we put passion, professionalism and customer satisfaction at the heart of every project, offering scalable and extensively customized solutions.