Ego Business

It stems from the need to centralise in a single solution (instead of 3), expand functionality and better organize notifications in the management of campaigns, work orders and orders that connect Italian production companies with foreign trading companies.

An evolved core, «scheduled activities»

One of the most felt business needs was to automate notifications to operators as much as possible. We therefore developed a system called “Scheduled Activities” that interfaces at every point of the application allowing automatic or scheduled sending of text and/or email notifications even with attachments pre-filled before sending.

For example, when a new master data is created, the administrative operators (associated in multi categories) are notified by means of a notification on their agenda of the new master data, as well as the customer who automatically receive an email with an attached document partially pre-filled by the application with a request to finish filling it out and return it to the company.

The system generates, automatically, a scheduled notification 20 days after sending the email, the operator is then notified to check and notify if the new customer has responded to the email then can decide whether to close the business or have it continue with the automatic sending of a reminder.


From Market Research to Ordering

A process controlled by Market Research, able to compare multiple commercial and economic aspects between the Client and the Customer, to move automatically to the Management of the Commercial Campaign and finally for the “winner” to the definition and management of the Job Order and eventually to the Order.

Together with all the internal and external notification processes automated by the Scheduled Activities which are then visible in the Agenda for Operator.

Our experience and passion for programming, first in Desktop and for over a decade in Web, has been with us since the early 1990s.

Fussy and demanding with ourselves first, we put passion, professionalism and customer satisfaction at the heart of every project, offering scalable and extensively customized solutions.