Digital Humans with Conversational AI

Aisaac Digital Humans

Digital humans with conversational AI

Digital humans are 3D avatars with human features that can interact verbally with users.

With AISAAC Conversational AI, they are integrated with GPT-3 and can create never-before-seen interactive experiences, enabling companies to automate customer care, launch marketing campaigns, retrieve real-time data, and more!

Fully customizable, digital humans can also represent real or existing people.

Digital Human - Vivian facial expression

Human facial expressions

The digital humans developed by Officina Tecnologica use a revolutionary graphics technology that allows them to emulate any typical human facial micro expression.

Thanks to the technological infrastructure supported by AISAAC Conversational AI, our 3D avatars use a human voice (“neural” synthesizers) and can synchronize lip movements with spoken words.

From skin pores to hair movement to dimples and iris colors, the graphic quality is the most advanced on the world market.

Complex body movements

Digital humans can be represented in full body, with any shape and size.

The technologies used make it possible to reproduce the movements of any limb with the same naturalness and fluidity as human beings and exploit conversational artificial intelligence to coordinate the gestures typical of a conversation between people.

Digital Human - Vivian Totem

Hardware and interaction modes

Digital humans can interact with users through a website, totems (kiosks) or holographic devices that can be branded.

Interaction is via touch screen and voice commands, which activate the microphone and the ability to intercept requests that are then processed by the AISAAC Conversational AI.

Even in noisy public places, totems and holographic devices can be installed, thanks to professional microphones designed to eliminate background noise.

Why digital humans

The concept of 3D avatars with human features aims to “humanize” the interaction with artificial intelligence, reassure users and create a memorable experience (“WOW effect”).

Digital humans can assist customers at websites, shopping malls, stores, theaters, museums, theme parks, administrative offices, reception desks, trade shows and booths, or they can help managers during meetings to retrieve information by integrating with management systems.

From experiential marketing and branding campaigns to speeches and contests for students, the applications are endless!

Digital Human - Vivian
Aisaac Conversational AI

AISAAC Conversational AI is the artificial intelligence software that controls the functionality of the digital human.